The Home Stretch

Dear friends, as you know, we are in the proccess of adopting a young girl with Down Syndrome from Serbia. We are currently waiting for our I-800A and then all of our paperwork will go to Serbia, and then we hope to travel in the fall to bring our daughter home!

I’d like to share a short video with you that shares why adoption is so close to our hearts, and how my brother (the very first of seven children my parents adopted) made all the difference in my life. With Joey’s memory we are now embarking on our own adoption journey.


We still have about $7,300 left in costs. This includes our airfare (which could be about $1,000 per person, or as low as $600 depending on time of travel. We are praying for lower!) housing while in Serbia ($2,000 includes translators, transportation, and place to stay for three weeks) our daughter’s passport, medical exam, and the $900 post adoption fee from our agency. If we can travel before October we won’t have to buy Cordelia a ticket, and that will greatly reduce our costs! So far it’s all been covered by selling the Thai pants, and our savings from the summer, and a few gifts from family and friends. Because we’re already living on support as fulltime missionaries to Thailand, raising money for our adoption has been a daunting task. When we first began the process, $20,000 seemed like an unattainable goal! By the grace of God, with the fundraiser and saving we have already paid $12,000+ in fees! That’s HUGE! We still have $1,600 in savings toward the adoption too. Now tho, we really need your help! God’s Grace Adoption Ministry has granted us a $2,500 matching grant. That means that if people will donate $2,500 we will end up with $5,000 to finish paying for the adoption! GGAM allows you to donate through them, gain a tax deduction, and then once our daughter is in our custody, they will reimburse all of our final costs! This is HUGE! We could potentially have this adoption completely paid for!
Would you consider giving toward this grant? ANY amount will be a blessing. By giving just $5, $10 or $20 you will be part of our daughter’s story, part of uniting us as a family! So many of you already support us as missionaries to Thailand, and so it’s humbling to ask you to give further.  So here’s the home stretch. $2,500, turned into $5,000. Compared to $12,000, that’s nothing! Would you please consider giving? If not giving, would you consider sharing about our need on Facebook? With your church? Small Group? Family? We need you to spread the word! Donating is SIMPLE!
Go to
Type in your info. It’s totally secure! GGAM is a Christian, nonprofit ministry that strives to help families adopt. Your information is completely secure. Then where it asks “Who would you like to help?” click and look for Joseph and Jasmine Tell- Thailand. We’re toward the bottom with the other “T” families. Select our name and then continue with the donation process.

And then, smile a big smile as you think about the fact that you actually just gave twice as much because it’s been DOUBLED! I mean, how great deal is that?!?!? Your $5 just became $10, or your $100 just became $200!

Now, after you’ve done that, please consider SHARING the need!


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