Tickets are booked!

Flag_of_Serbia.svgWe have a travel date! We leave Chiang Mai for Bangkok on the 4th of September and spend the night in Bangkok before our flight to Moscow and then Belgrade on the 5th. We will have Sunday to settle in to the place our agency has for us to stay, and then have our meeting on the 7th…. and hopefully meet our daughter that day! Everything else is less planned. We’ve been told to plan to stay 21-25 days in country to finalize the adoption and have her new Serbian passport issued in her new name, and to get her U.S. visa. We did recently find out that it’s very important we take her to the U.S. first, before returning to Thailand. We need to apply in the U.S. for her U.S. passport and her visa to come to Thailand. After a lot of thought and prayer we decided that I would take all three kids to the U.S. while Joey returns to Thailand. We have some major work commitments and we’re not sure how long the process in the U.S. will take.The hope is that we can be home before October 29th when Cordelia will turn two and can no longer be a lap baby.

We’re looking at about $2000 in extra costs. We’re so thankful for how God has provided, and know He will continue to do so. You can still give through our God’s Grace Adoption Ministries account, if you fee led. Remember, we’re down the list of names, Joseph and Jasmine Tell – Thailand.

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We’ve seen so many miracles along this journey, and one day soon we will finally be able to share her name, which I think is one of miracles that has meant the most to me. I am continuing to remind myself of all that God has done because this last part of our journey feels scary for me. I’ll be taking three children to the U.S. and then three children back to Thailand. Our ticketing is complicated because I’ve been strongly advised to fly her through Chicago for immigration purposes. We also are worried about booking tickets before we have her Serbian passport so they may have to be last minute from Belgrade to Chicago, which means more expensive. The flight I will be flying doesn’t get in till rather late either, so I will need to take the kids to a hotel and fly to Arizona the next morning. If I can get there on a week day then I hope to go the very next day to Tucson where there is a Passport Center that does expedited passports, whith proof of travel within 14 days or need of a visa within 4 weeks. We have frequent flyer miles that we can use to fly back to Chiang Mai, praise God, so that will save us considerable amounts of money, and allow us to book very easily changed tickets! Our prayer is that I can get us home the last week of October, before the Joni and Friends team comes for the Wheels for the World distributions. We covet your prayers for us. We’re approaching a very big transition for a family, one we’ve prayed and longed for for over a year now, but one that will be full of much joy and hardship. I’m nervous about traveling around the world with three children, including one who has just met me and speaks an entirely different language. Joey’s heart is sad about being away from all of us for several weeks. However, in our moments of worry we’re comforted by how God’s hand has been so evident during this whole time. And much of that has been through our dear friends and family who have so beautifully supported and encouraged us. I’ve said it before but I will say it again, you all have been integral to our story, you have been vital in bringing our daughter home, and because of that you’re all part of her story. We love you all! Our specific prayer points are below:

  • Please pray that even now God would be preparing our daughter’s heart to join our family.
  • That our time in Serbia would be full of many precious moments of bonding.
  • Comfort for Joey’s heart to be separated from us.
  • OVERWHELMING grace, patience, peace, energy, hope and everything else needed to transports three kids three and under to the USA, and then to Thailand.
  • For supernatural guidance in all the legal aspects, especially citizenship and immigration, and that everything would happen smoothly and seamlessly in order for us all to be reunited as soon as possible.
  • For the months following our adoption, as we ALL experience transition and adjustment. Also prayer for wisdom as we try to do things now to make that transition easier on all of us.

Thank you again for all you do and all you are to us! We cannot wait to finally show you our daughter’s sweet face! And I just want to scream it from the rooftops that we will finally get to hold our daughter, September 7th!


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